Choosing the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Collage of multiple beauty portaits of women with various skin tones and hair

Anyone who claims that “it’s just a haircut” clearly hasn’t experienced walking into a salon full of high-fashion hopes and walking out wanting to cover your whole head with a scarf or a hat. Those who have gone through it know the horror of getting a haircut that is simply not flattering for your face shape.

You can avoid such a disastrous hair situation by simply knowing what the best haircut is for your face shape. Don’t make the mistake of booking a salon appointment without reading this post!

First you need to determine your face shape. If your cheekbones, brow, and jaw are almost equal then you have an oval face. If it is almost as wide as it is long and your forehead and jaw curve at the corners, then yours is a round face. A heart-shaped face is one with a wide brow and a narrow jaw. A square face is when the width and length of your face is equal. Once you figure out your face shape, go ahead and see what hairstyles are suitable for you.


Short: Spiky layered gamine around the crown works well because unlike a jaw-hugging bob, this pixie cut counters the roundness of your face in a major way as it adds height and lengthens your face.

Medium: A choppy, layered bob is perfect for your round shape. Style it in a side part and add in some beachy waves.

Long: Barely there staggered layers are the best way to make your hair (and not your face) seem fuller. If you already have a choppy bob, you can easily achieve this by clipping in your La Crowne Clip & Go! Curl the ends of your extensions lightly because that’s where you want the focus to be on.


Short: A pixie that is evenly clipped on the sides and nape and with playful layers on top is flattering for this face shape. The tousled style can cancel out a jawline that is too pronounced and breaks up a distinctly wide forehead.

Medium: A collarbone-skimming layered crop with soft sweeping bangs will draw eyes away from your chin area and create balance. This is excellent for hair with some body but not curly or coarse.

Long: Heart-shaped faces look great with really long hair that has long layers around the cheekbone, the chin, and again closer to the ends. If you can’t wait for your hair to grow long enough to get this awesome haircut, consider getting La Crowne Fusions! Because they’re made of 100% Remy human hair, you can be sure that they’ll blend seamlessly with your own hair and no one can tell you’re wearing extensions!


Short: A blunt bob is a good choice for this face shape. It’s stylish yet practical! If blunt is not really your style, then you can ask your stylist for some subtle layers.

Medium: A sleek blowout with wispy layers will keep your strands from lying flat and limp against your head. Go with big curls and have fun with this flattering cut!
Long: Whether your hair is really long or you’ve just had your La Crowne Fusions, the best way to shorten a long face is to sport side-swept bangs. Not sure about getting bangs? You can simply curl the front of your hair, paddle brush it to one side, and secure with a hair pin to get the same effect.


Short: A short layered bob with soft bangs is the best way to go to bring the focus higher and to emphasize your cheekbones instead of your jaw.

Medium: Feathery layers that are easily achieved using a razor can effectively camouflage a prominent chin. The soft and airy ends keep the eye from focusing on sharp corners. Part it at the side to achieve an asymmetrical look which can also help offset squareness.

Long: Long soft waves or structure ringlets will work wonders for square faces. You want to avoid harsh layers so keep them soft and lightly scattered. Because soft waves work best with volume, don’t forget to wear your Clip & Go for that added volume and more luscious waves!

It’s frustrating when you get a haircut that you don’t like or that doesn’t suit the shape of your face.  But if you do get one that looks a little awkward or unflattering, don’t despair! La Crowne Clip & Go can give you long and voluminous hair in an instant!