2018 Hair Trends to Be Excited About

Beautiful Woman. Healthy Long Hair.

2017 was all about braids, bobs, and bright blonde locks – and those were the “safe” hair trends from last year. For the risk-takers, it was all about neon colours, over-the-top hair accessories, rainbow hair dyes, and even glow in the dark hair.

But now that 2018 is here, we are all excited to see what hair trends lay ahead of us. Are they more outrageous than last year? Or are we finally going to see hairstyles that are more wearable and flattering for most? Well, read on and find out!

Boyish Androgyny

Stylists predict that women who embrace short hair will love the trend that is the bowl cut. It is that boyish androgynous look that was so loved in the ‘80s. This is a cut that can look great for any age and is basically wash and wear.

Coolest Curls

Whether it’s an all-natural afro or the flirtiest ringlets, curls are going to be big this year. But you should put down those styling sprays and mousse because this year is all about natural-looking and unkempt curls that are not too defined.

Sleekest Straight

Not really in to curls? Then run towards the other direction where the sleekest, straightest hair is the winner. Yes, the straighter the better!
Long, straight hair is here to take the hair industry by storm once again. The styling should include a blunt cut and a high shine. Can’t wait to try this style but your hair is still a little too short? You can visit one of our trusted stylists near you and ask for La Crowne Fusions! Our 100% human Remy hair extensions are the perfect way for you to enjoy instant long and straight hair in a safe way!

Effortlessly Pulled Back

This year, you can put your hairdryer to rest. You are not going to need it for this easy and effortless trend – the good old ponytail! You can avoid heat damage because air-dried hair is perfect for this style. For extra sass, we’re going to see glamorous hair bows and embellished clips. Because ponytails look best when they’re thick, you might want to clip in your La Crowne Clip & G o before you pull your hair up.

Hair Colour Trends

Chocolate Goodness

We are going to see rich chocolatey browns this year. If you’re going to try this shade, make sure that you get more depth and that your hair looks nourished and shiny, otherwise it’s just going to end up looking a little muddy.

Better Be Blonde

Blonde is still going to dominate this year. But this time we’ll see more metallic blondes and pastel yellows. We’re also going to see pops of colour in streaks or face-framing fringe to break the flatness of really pale blonde hair.

Balayage Version 2.0

We have seen balayage become a huge trend in the last few years and fans of this colouring style will be happy to know that it’s not going anywhere this year. If anything, balayage is evolving! How so? Well, for one, it’s not exclusive to blondes and lighter hair tones. 2018 will give us charcoal grey balayage! Now this is something we’re all excited about!

So which of these trends are you going for this year? Do tell us!