Men and Hair Extensions

When people talk about hair extensions, most immediately think of women. After all, hair extensions are more commonly used by women. But actually, hair extensions are now also becoming more popular among men. Not only do extensions give a boost of confidence, they can also instantly change a man’s look. The Right Extensions Matter Just … Continue reading Men and Hair Extensions

portrait of long hair handsome young adult asian man in evening sunlight on top of mountain, Doi Luang Tak, Thailand

Important Reasons Women Wear Extensions

Wigs and hair extensions have been around for many years now. In our last post, we have shared about how royalties and men and women from high societies wore them as sort of a status symbol. But it was only recently that they really have grown popularity among all walks of life. Now we all … Continue reading Important Reasons Women Wear Extensions

Attractive young smiling woman in sunglasses and with tousled hair looking away while standing against grey background

A Quick Peek at the History of Hair Extensions

We at La Crowne are always amazed by all things hair. We want to know everything there is to know about hair, hair extensions, hairstyles, trends, and more. We follow the hottest celebrities and trendsetters and we check out the styles of icons from the past as well. Naturally, we’ve been curious about the history … Continue reading A Quick Peek at the History of Hair Extensions

Models as Marie Antoinette holding small terrier dog, with male partner. In grounds of a mansion in Cannes, Cote d'Azur, France