4 Work Hairstyles Perfect for When You’re Rushing

Fashion woman closeup portrait with red lipstick and trendy bohemian braids hairstyle wearing fancy earrings and lace dress

You know what’s worse than running late for work? It’s running late for work with your hair undone. If you are like most women, then you probably wish that you can go to work every single day with perfect hair, because whether others admit it, it does affect your mood and your attitude all day.


The problem is, your hair is probably not the only thing you should take care of every morning. You might need to prepare breakfast, come up with a good outfit, and if you have a family, make sure your husband and kids are all ready for work and school, too. By the time you get to prepare yourself, you’re already just a half-hour shy of being late for the office. What gets compromised most of the time? Your hair suffers it all.


But there is no reason for your hair to look like you just got off a broomstick. Here are some great ideas on how you can glam up your hair when you’re in a big time rush:


Loose Side Braids

This easy but classic style never gets old. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to do, too! Just attach your Clip & Go in place. Spritz on some texturizing spray all over. Gather all the hair at your nape and start braiding loosely. Don’t worry too much about getting uneven sizes for the sections!


Half Up, Half Down

This feminine style is perfect for the office. It doesn’t hurt that you can do it in under a minute! Start by applying mousse to your dry hair and create texture by rough drying using your trusted blow dryer just for a few seconds. Clip on your amazing hair extensions from La Crowne. Then, do a center part and gather about two inches of hair on either side of your face. Pull those toward the bottom of your head’s crown and secure them with pins.


Knotted High Bun

Who says pretty buns are just for ballerinas? To create the look, secure your Clip & Go in place like you would when doing a high ponytail. Remember to attach it upside down! Then, sweep your hair up into a really high pony. Try to secure it with an elastic band at about three inches from your hairline at the front. Do a fishtail braid with the pony and finish off with elastics at the end. Twist the braid and pin it into a bun shape. Clean the look up by hiding the elastic bands under the bun.


Polished and Pinned

This is probably the easiest one to do. But make no mistake, because this easy hairstyle can make you look sophisticated and really put-together. The only preparation you need to do for this is to flat iron your Clip & Go the night before. What you’re going to do first in the morning is spray a smoothing spray on your hair to protect it from heat damage because you’re going to quickly iron your hair. Then, Get one large and one small section of your hair on either side of your face. Comb the larger section of your hair which is at the top and tightly pull it behind your ear and pin it in place. Do the same on the other side. Attach your Clip & Go and you’re all set!


What’s fun about these hairstyles is that they’re not really complicated to do, and all you need to perfect these styles is your La Crowne Clip & Go 100% human hair!