5 Ways to Achieve Younger and Healthier Hair

5 Ways to Achieve Younger and Healthier Hair

It is true – your hair won’t get wrinkles like your skin does when you grow older. That does not mean it doesn’t age. In fact, hair has its own version of aging – dullness, gray and thinning strands, frizz. Sad to say, all of these hair aging signs start to show when you hit your 30s. But there’s good news! There are ways for your hair to defy aging. Interested? Read on and learn from our tips on how you can keep your hair younger for much longer!


Go Easy on That Shampoo!

We know how easy it is to get carried away when you’re shampooing your hair, especially if you like singing in the shower. But did you know that overdoing your shampoo routine can strip your hair of lipids that prevent breakage? This is more serious when you’ve already hit menopause when your scalp’s lipid count begins to drop. Always use a moisturizing shampoo or the colour-protecting variety as they tend to be the least damaging. Keep the product on your scalp and roots. Make sure you rinse thoroughly, too.


Use a Filter!

We don’t mean on your Instagram photos. We mean install a filter on your showerhead. How can this help slow down your hair’s aging? Well, a filter can efficiently keep chlorine and minerals in your tap water from dulling your hair or fading that fabulous colour you just had at the salon!


Wait! It’s Still Wet!

Combing your hair right out of the shower is a no-no! In fact, you should not even rub it with your towel! Why is that? Well, your hair is really fragile when it’s wet. What you can do is detangle your hair in the shower using a wide-tooth comb and while your conditioner is still in your hair.


Halt, Hot Tool!

You’ve heard (or read) all about this before – heat is a major culprit! So if your magic wand is your straightening or curling iron, and your favourite weapon is your blow-dryer, you should not at all be surprised that your hair at its natural unstyled state is a disaster. If you can’t imagine your life without heat-styling, then make sure that you invest in hot tools that are less damaging like ionic blow-dryers, ceramic irons, and more. You should always make it a point to spritz on some heat-protective spray before you reach out for your favourite tool.


Va-Va Volume!

Thin hair makes you longer, and nothing says young, fresh, and vibrant than long and voluminous hair! While it cannot reverse the effects of aging on your hair, La Crowne Clip & Go can give you that young-looking hair that is full of volume in a minute! Yes, it’s like an instant makeover!


Remember, your skin is not the only thing you should focus on as you age. Your hair plays a big role in the way you look and it has the power to make you look younger or older than you really are. So make sure you keep looking young!