A message from the Founder of La Crowne:


My name is Sarah and I am an extensionista.  I spent 10 years experimenting with different hair extension methods; some I loved, others were just failures. Take fusions for example.  The greatest advantages were how natural they looked and how easy they were to conceal.  The disadvantages however, were that they are very expensive and time consuming, not to mention after many applications, I was left with weak, broken hair.

I was determined to come up with a solution that was quick, easy to use, natural looking, and most importantly, non damaging.  After countless hours of research and many prototypes, I came up with the La Crowne Clip & Go System. 

Now came the hard part; finding pure 100% human hair with no synthetic mix. After many poor quality online hair orders, I decided to take a trip to India in search of the best quality human hair, this was no easy task. After weeks of visiting various temples and meeting with different hair sources and suppliers, I finally found that Premium quality hair I had been searching for.

The result was a luxurious, high quality, one piece clip-in hair extension system that contours to your head, is light-weight, comfortable, and undetectable to the eye or touch and most importantly, made with premium quality 100% pure Indian hair, which can be worn down or in a ponytail.