Back to School Hair

beauty woman with long hair

School’s back and you promise yourself that this year, you are going to rock it! You’re done with your back to school shopping and your skin is all prepped and glowing. You’ve done yoga so your mind is all zen and ready for all those lessons. Now all that’s left for you to think about is… your hair!

Bad hair days can ruin even the prettiest outfits and snatch your confidence away. That is why you want to make sure that your hairstyle is gorgeous. Here are some ideas for you:

Modern Milk Maid Braid

With your hair pulled over to one side, do a regular braid. You can also make a fishtail braid if you prefer a fancier look. Secure your braid at the end with an elastic band. Pull the braid around the front of your hair line and secure it behind your ear. If you want it to look a little messy and effortless, you can pull out a few wisps of your hair and some layer of the braid for an undone appeal.

Fierce Pony

Nothing says sophisticated yet kick-ass better than a sleek high pony. You can achieve it by ironing your hair (and your extensions) flat. Pull everything up into a high ponytail. Secure it tightly with an elastic band. Wrap a bit of your hair around the base for a clean look. Apply serum for that glossy and polished finish.

Barely Noticeable Waves

For those days when you want to look casual, relaxed, and beautiful without trying, this is the perfect style for you. To get this easy hairstyle, just straighten the ends of your hair after blow drying. Using the same hair iron, subtly bend your hair in the middle. Your hair behind your ears and run your fingers through your hair to shake it a bit.

Too Cute for You

You can’t get more girly than this playful ballerina bun. Simply gather your hair in a ponytail then twist your hair as you create a bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins.  Loosen some tendrils to frame your face. Finally, clip on a bow clip or add a girly headband for that ultra-feminine appeal.

These hairstyles are very easy to do and they look gorgeous – especially so if you have long and voluminous hair. if your hair is a bit short or thin but you really want to rock these looks, you can always depend on La Crowne Fusions or La Crowne Clip & Go to provide you with the length and volume that you want. With La Crowne, you can create celebrity-like hairstyles even without a glam team!