Bayalage hair has been described as the hottest new trend in hair coloring and we have the perfect line of Balayage hair extensions for an effortless everyday style. Balayage is a French word which means to paint or sweep and describes the blended, sun kissed look that is similar to a more subtle ombre tint. Our experienced color technicians can create this look easily for your custom unit. Our Balayage clip in hair extensions can be effortlessly applied in just minutes so you will be beautifully styled and ready to go in no time.

Stunning Results From Our Color Experts

Our color experts have the skill and experience to create this beautiful look for both straight and curly hair extensions. Through a careful painting process, the hair is colored with dark roots slowly fading to a lighter hue. This color and style is perfect for every season of the year and pairs effortlessly with any look.

Safe Styling

With our Balayage hair extensions, you can get the beautiful color blend you want without having to color your own, natural hair. In addition, since the clip ins are made completely of virgin human hair, they can be styled with hot tools safely and easily. Now you can have the fabulous look you have been dreaming of with our beautiful Balayage clip in hair extensions.

Contact Us

Contact La Crowne Premium Hair Extensions for more information about our services. To purchase hair, please go to the home page of our website and click on the” Buy Hair Here” button; here you will see a number of salons selling our product, contact them directly for your custom made Clip & Go or Fusions. Begin enjoying the hair you’ve always wanted and get styled in just minutes with our premium line of effortlessly beautiful extensions.