Brushing Rules You Need to Master

Sexy blonde young woman brushing hair

How do you brush your hair? Are you sure you’re doing it right? Yes, it is a serious question, because believe it or not, you could be doing it wrong… or let’s just say you are not doing it the best possible way.

Don’t worry because we have here for you some hair-brushing tips that can help make your hair look amazing!

Choose a Great Brush

Your brush plays a big role in keeping your hair healthy because as you know, not all brushes are created equal. You should choose one that has those little balls on the ends to protect your scalp. Those with bristles of the same length are also better than those with short and long ones.

Do NOT Brush Wet Hair

You probably have been told to only brush your hair when it’s dry. It’s a good advice because wet hair is really fragile and running a brush through it can cause breakage. What you can do instead is to comb your hair (while you still have the conditioner in) using a wide tooth comb.

Brush Your Scalp

Some do not regularly brush their scalp, but you definitely should! Brushing your scalp helps stimulate the blood flow, distribute natural oils and promote hair growth. The best time to do it is before you shower. Brush your scalp and your hair for a minute or two while your hair is still dry, so you can remove the knots in your hair safely, massage your scalp, and also help loosen any flakes so they can be easily removed while you wash your hair.

Tackle Knots with Care

If you have any tangles or knots, you should remove them either with a wide tooth comb and conditioner while you are in the shower or when your hair is completely dry. Either way, you should start from the bottom and work your way up. Do not put too much pressure when you are removing tangles as you can cause breakage or even rip your hair from your scalp.

Give Your Hair Extensions a Thorough But Gentle Brushing, Too

If you use extensions, make sure you also take time to brush them. La Crowne premium hair fusions are made of 100% human hair so it’s not prone to knots like other hair extensions of a lower quality. You’ll find that La Crowne also won’t tangle with your own hair, unlike synthetic hair extensions. But they do require occasional brushing, too!

With the right brushing method both for your own hair and your hair extensions, you can avoid hair breakage and enjoy fuller and shinier hair!