Men and Hair Extensions

When people talk about hair extensions, most immediately think of women. After all, hair extensions are more commonly used by women. But actually, hair extensions are now also becoming more popular among men. Not only do extensions give a boost of confidence, they can also instantly change a man’s look. The Right Extensions Matter Just … Continue reading Men and Hair Extensions

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Important Reasons Women Wear Extensions

Wigs and hair extensions have been around for many years now. In our last post, we have shared about how royalties and men and women from high societies wore them as sort of a status symbol. But it was only recently that they really have grown popularity among all walks of life. Now we all … Continue reading Important Reasons Women Wear Extensions

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A Quick Peek at the History of Hair Extensions

We at La Crowne are always amazed by all things hair. We want to know everything there is to know about hair, hair extensions, hairstyles, trends, and more. We follow the hottest celebrities and trendsetters and we check out the styles of icons from the past as well. Naturally, we’ve been curious about the history … Continue reading A Quick Peek at the History of Hair Extensions

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How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Extensions

One of the things that get in the way of hair extensions blending perfectly with the rest of their wearer’s hair is the wrong shade or colour of extensions – especially if you are not going for colouring styles like ombre or balayage. So how do you choose the perfect colour or shade of La … Continue reading How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Extensions

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Are You Ready for Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have gained a somewhat bad reputation in the past because of problems like the color not matching the wearer’s natural hair colour, the links or the clips peek out, the hair extensions just look really fake. But all these problems were before women discovered the hair extension perfection that is La Crowne. Now … Continue reading Are You Ready for Hair Extensions?

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Hair Hacks Every Mom Should Know

When you’re a busy mom who juggles kids, chores, work, and many other things every single day, your hair is probably the last thing you think about. Sometimes when things are too hectic, washing your hair as often as you want is impossible. So intricate braids, and amazing beach waves are definitely out of the … Continue reading Hair Hacks Every Mom Should Know

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Who Needs Hair Extensions? You Do!

These past few years, hair extensions have quickly changed from a “celebrity-level” accessory to a “must-have” for most women. If you are considering getting hair extensions, but you’re still not sure whether it’s worth investing in, then this article can help you make an informed decision. Let us give you our top five reasons to … Continue reading Who Needs Hair Extensions? You Do!

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Prepping Your Hair for Winter

The cold weather can give anyone serious bad hair days. It can make your hair dry and brittle, forcing women to put their hair up in ponytails or buns (even when you really want to let your hair down). Fight your hair woes this winter by making sure that your mane is in perfect shape, … Continue reading Prepping Your Hair for Winter

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Straightening Iron and Your La Crowne Hair Extensions

When asked what gadget or tool they can’t live without, a lot of girls and women surprised us with their answer. While you would think that everyone would say it’s their smartphone, many actually rank their straightening iron as their top answer. Yes! It’s unbelievable just how much we rely on this amazing invention to … Continue reading Straightening Iron and Your La Crowne Hair Extensions

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