Day Hair? Try These Amazing Hairstyles

Smiling pretty young woman with long blond hair in a beanie or knitted woollen winter cap standing against an exterior wall with copy space grinning at the camera

Getting to school or work on time every single morning can be quite a challenge. Women, especially, find it frustrating because of the longer preparation most of us need. So yes, it is understandable that there would be days when we have to compromise something and let’s admit it – more often than not, we have to compromise washing our hair.

Well, no one has to know you didn’t wash your hair! You can always try these hairstyles that are just perfect for second or even third day hair!

Quick Twisted Updo

When you just want to put your hair up, you don’t always have to settle with a ponytail. You can achieve an elegant yet effortless look in just a minute or two! First, out on an elastic hair band like a crown. Then start rolling the length of your hair and twist it all up. Keep tucking your hair into the headband until you feel it’s secure. Tuck the sides in and it’s all done!

Dreamy Dutch Braid Bun

No one can argue the chicness of braids. It is probably one of the few hairstyles that has transcended centuries! It’s not surprising that braids can save you when your second day hair is all limp and unflattering. Start by Dutch-braiding one side back towards the ear. Keep on braiding until the braid is wrapped around the back and then finish it off with a simple three-strand braid. Loosen the braids a little and tie the end with an elastic band. Do the same with the other side. Finally, combine both braids by pushing your finger through the braid on the right and pulling the other braid up and through. Gather it all up in a bun. Secure everything with Bobby pins.

Fun Fabric Bun

If you really want to conceal dirty hair, you can do it with this fun bun! To do it, do a low ponytail first. Don’t worry about it being too neat. Then, twist a piece of colourful printed fabric as you do your bun. That easy!

Beanie Babe

So you really have no time to do anything to your hair. Don’t worry about it. Clip in your La Crowne Clip & Go in place (which will take less than a minute!) Do a twisted bun during your commute. Let down your hair when you get to your destination and cover the top of your head with a beanie! It’s perfect for doing your weekend errands!

Second day hair doesn’t have to mean bad hair day. All you need is a little creativity and of course, your trusted La Crowne Clip & Go and no one can tell your hair needs washing!