Need help choosing a Colour for your La Crowne Clip & Go?

La Crowne colour technicians can design custom coloured Clip & Go’s, such as: multi-colored, Ombre and Balayage Clip & Go’s
Choose one of the three options to ensure your Clip & Go blends seamlessly with you natural hair
1) Call and book a free consultation at our studio with a technician
2) Contact our team via Skype and have a live video consult.
3) Send in a photo of your hair in natural hair sunlight and one of our technicians will assist you in choosing the correct color.

Can I colour customize my Clip & Go, are there additional charges?

You can combine any 1-3 colors from our colour chart into one Clip & Go free of charge.  Additional charges will be applied for customized colors or Balayages & Ombres styles.

Can my La Crowne Clip & Go be dyed?

Yes, you may bring it to your hairstylist to have it dyed. The Clip & Go is made from the highest quality 100% human hair, so it can be colored using dyes and bleaches.

Can I use hot tools on my La Crowne Clip & Go?

Yes, the Clip & Go is made from the highest quality 100% human hair, so it can be styled using hot tools.

Can I wash my La Crowne Clip & Go?

Yes, it’s recommended you wash your La Crowne whenever it feels dirty. When washing the Clip & Go make sure the clips are in the closed position before washing. Washing your la Crowne will not damage it, there is no silicone coating to break down, it’s just pure human hair. It is recommended that you use sulphate free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. After washing, apply hair oil,  the extensions do not collect oil from your scalp like your natural hair.

My La Crowne Clip & Go isn’t the right colour can I return it?

No, La Crowne does not offer refunds for hygiene reasons.
The La Crowne Clip & Go is made with the highest grade of human hair so you may bring it to your hairstylist to have it dyed to match your natural hair.

How long will my La Crowne Clip & Go typically last?

All La Crowne Clip & Go’s are made with the highest grade 100% human hair. With proper care and handling, your La Crowne will last for several years. To ensure our quality, La Crowne Clip & Go comes with a 2 year warranty.

What does my Clip & Go 2 year warranty cover?

(Repair free of charge) Mesh and clips
(New Clip & Go Replacement) Hair mats or tangles, excessive shedding, backwards cuticle, poor quality hair.
After your Clip & Go has been evaluated by a La Crowne representative and it’s determined that it’s a manufacture defect, we will replace it for a new Clip & GO.

Where does our hair come from?

All the hair we use at La Crowne is sourced from the temples in India. It is a traditional practice for women of the Hindu faith to sacrifice their hair. The hair is collected with the cuticles aligned and running in the same direction, then the hair is auctioned off to the highest bidders by temple authorities. The proceeds of the auctioned hair help fund charitable organizations in India.

Why La Crowne Clip & Go is the best hair extension solution on the market?

La Crowne Clip & Go is a one piece clip-in extension that can be installed on your own in seconds it is designed in a way that contours to your head, mimics your natural hair growth, and it’s ultra-lightweight and super comfortable to wear. La Crowne Clip & Go is made with Indian hair which is highly valued in the hair industry because of its durability, versatility, texture and it blends naturally with all hair types. Indian hair is very strong and can also be coloured into dark, medium and blonde tones. La Crowne uses only 100% pure Indian hair, therefore it will outlast any hair extension on the market.

La Crowne Clip & Go vs Standard Clip-ins

Unlike typical clip in extensions which are made up of multiple pieces that are time consuming and confusing to install. La Crowne is a one-piece clip in extension that can be installed in seconds, the easy clip system is simple to use, and it’s ultra-lightweight and super comfortable.

Why do some Remy hair extensions only last 2-6 months?

Unfortunately the hair extension industry is not regulated and many companies falsely claim their products to be Remy, however, they are not. These companies strip the hair follicle of its cuticles then seal each strand with a silicone coating. The hair appears to be silky human hair but will only last as long as the silicone protection remains intact. True Remy hair extensions have all the cuticles intact and run in the same direction, they have no silicone coating and with proper care and maintenance will last for years.

Why is the texture of Indian hair best for extensions?

Indian hair is strong and versatile, it can be straightened very easily, air dries with a natural wave and can hold a curl from a curling iron for days. Indian hair blends seamlessly with all hair types.

What is La Crowne Virgin Remy Hair?

Virgin Indian Hair (Remy) has never been chemically processed or altered, the cuticles remain intact and run in the same direction. Virgin Indian hair is one of the highest grades of hair from India.

What is La Crowne Remy Hair?

It is Indian Remy hair that has been coloured or chemically processed, the cuticles remain intact and aligned in the same direction. Indian Remy hair is very beautiful and is one of the highest grades of hair in the world.

What are La Crowne Skinny-wefts?

La Crowne Skinny-wefts are significantly slimmer and less bulky than traditional machine weft. The weft part of the extension is micro thin and flexible, providing you with a comfortable and light hair extension no matter how you wear it.

What are La Crowne Keratin Fusions?

La Crowne Keratin fusions are made with the highest grade 100% human hair from India, our fusions are made with keratin, absolutely NO glue.

How do I keep my extensions strong, shiny and healthy?

Apply keratin or moisture treatments to the hair a couple times a month to preserve your extensions helping them to remain strong and healthy. Our extensions, unlike our natural hair do not collect oils from our scalps, apply a good quality hair oil a couple times a week and after washing will leave your extensions looking vibrant and shiny.

How Does the La Crowne Wash & Style Service work?

Drop your Clip & Go off at our studio for a wash and style of your choice. A $50 fee is applied. When you pick up your Clip & Go we offer a complementary installation and style blending.

Can I order online and have my order shipped out & how long does shipping take?

Yes you can order online, we recommend that you call and speak to one of our certified La Crowne technicians…they will assist you in placing your order. Shipping takes:

Canada: 3-5 business days

USA: 1.  7 Business Days   2.   3 Business Days  3.  Next business Day

International Orders: 10-25 days

What is the difference between La Crowne Clip & Go 100grams – 200 grams?

The Clip & Go is available in 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 & 200 gram options of luxurious 100% Indian hair, it goes up by interims of 20 grams. The thickness of your natural hair combined with your desired look will help determine the weight you choose?