Fine Hair & Thin Hair – What’s the Difference?

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Understanding the type of hair you have can help you understand what hair care regimen will work best for you. Sometimes women get frustrated because they’re using tons of products in the hope that they’ll achieve gorgeous hair without realizing that they are not using the right products.

For instance, many think that having thin hair automatically means having fine hair, too. But that is not always the case. So what’s the difference?

First, you have to know and understand the two different qualities of hair – how thick the strands are and how dense the follicles are. Thickness is described by using such terms as coarse or fine while density is described by words like thin or thick. That is why it is really possible for someone to have fine and thin hair or fine and thick hair.

What It Means to Have Thin Hair

If hair is described as thin, what is being described is the follicle’s density. So yes, you can have thin, coarse hair. Thin hair means you have fewer hair follicles that are placed closely together. When someone has thin hair, the scalp usually shows when hair is being styled. Usually, the roots of the hair need to be fluffed a bit more when styling to hide the exposed scalp.

What It Means to Have Fine Hair

Again, just because you have fine hair does not necessarily mean you have thin hair. Fine hair refers to the diameter of the hair strand. There are different ways to check how thick your hair is, but the easiest is probably by simply doing a strand comparison. If the strand of your hair is similar to a thread, then you have coarse hair.

What If You Have Both?

If what you have is both fine and thin hair that does not necessarily mean it’s a problem, but you do have to pay attention to your hair care regimen. This is because find and thin hair is more fragile and can be damaged or broken easily. Make sure you are careful and gentle when you are applying products and styling.

You might also find it challenging to grow out your hair. If you do want to enjoy longer and fuller hair, you can try wearing various types of extensions. However, you should be careful when choosing your hair extensions as some extensions can be damaging to your already fragile hair.

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