Fusion Confusion: Answering Top Questions about Fusion Extensions

Curly brown hair over white background

If you have already met someone with La Crowne Fusion extensions that are properly applied and styled, then you probably are amazed at how natural they look and how difficult it is to tell that the woman is wearing extensions!


Perhaps that is one of the reasons you are here reading this post right now. You want to have long and beautiful hair, too. But you probably have questions and you might even be confused and overwhelmed because of all the information you can find online. To help you out, we are going to answer some of the most common questions that we get from women who want to know more about our amazing fusion hair extensions.


Are Fusion Hair Extensions Damaging?

They should not damage your hair if they are applied properly and if you take care of them the right way. Visiting your stylist on a regular basis can also help ensure that they look amazing for a really long time.


Can Fusions Extensions Be Coloured?

Yes. Aside from the variety of colors that our hair extensions come in, you can also have them custom-coloured. We advise that you go for a consultation with your stylist to know your best options.


Can I Style My Fusions?

Of course, you can! La Crowne Fusion Hair Extensions can be blow-dried, ironed straight, or curled. In fact, you can style your fusions the same way you would your natural hair. Your stylist can give you some tips on how you can style your hair, as well as how you can care for it.


Why Should I Choose La Crowne for My First Fusions?

Well, unlike with other things where an entry-level product is a safe bet just to see if it works for you, hair extensions don’t work like that. If you really want to get the most of the experience, if you really want to enjoy that coveted celebrity-looking hair, you shouldn’t go for an “entry-level” or a cheaper variety of fusion hair extensions. Most of them have synthetic hair mixed or a coating that gives the extension that fake sheen. They can be damaging to your hair as well. What you want are premium hair extensions that are 100% human cuticle hair carefully made into the most luxurious yet reasonably-priced fusions you can find.


Can I Buy La Crowne Fusions Online?

Yes, you can if you are a stylist! You can fill out an order form here with the specifications that you want. You can even try our free fusion samplers!


I Want to Know More. Can I Contact You?

You sure can! Reach out to us or our authorized stylists anytime. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions and give you helpful tips on how you can get the most of your La Crowne Fusions!