Fusion Extension Care Tips You Need to Know

Female customer showing hair style on tablet computer

You have invested in your fusion hair extensions. You want to make sure that your new long and full hair looks amazing for as long as you can. With these tips we have for you, you’ll get the most of your new hair extensions!

The Right Products

Make sure that you are using the right hair products, including shampoo and conditioner. The wrong kind of products can make your hair extensions (and your own hair, too) dull and dry. Stay away from products with sulphates. If you are going to use styling products, opt for ones that are lightweight to avoid build-up on your extensions.

Proper Washing

Washing is an important factor of your hair extension maintenance. Be careful when you wash your hair and work your way from the top going down, gently working in the shampoo and thoroughly rinsing.  When you apply conditioner, start from the mid shaft of the hair all the way to the ends. If there are any tangles, do a careful detangling while your conditioner is still in. Do not over-scrub so there won’t be any matting or breakage!

Gentle Brushing

Make sure that you know how to brush your fusion extensions properly. Using a brush with really soft bristles or a looper brush, slowly brush and detangle the hair without damaging it. Do not put too much stress on the hair extensions. After all, you don’t want to be pulling an extension out!

Careful Styling

It’s okay to use hot tools when you are styling, as long as you don’t concentrate the heat at your hair extensions’ roots. Of course, you should also make sure that your tools are not too hot that it can damage not only your fusions but also your own hair.

Smart Sleeping

You don’t want your fusion hair extensions tangling with your own hair when you are sleeping, so it’s highly suggested that you sleep in either a low ponytail or a loose braid. Also, never ever go to bed while your hair and your extensions are still wet. You don’t want to wake up in the morning with terrible matting!

Regular Salon Visits

Yes, your fusion hair extensions also need regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to visit your stylist every five to six weeks so he or she can check the state of your extensions. It’s also a chance to receive treatments for both your own hair and your extensions so you can refresh the way they look.

Premium fusions like the ones from La Crowne are the best extensions you can possibly have. But like any other investment, you also need to make the effort in taking care of them, so to give you that celebrity-like hair!