Growing Your Hair with La Crowne Fusions

beautiful brunette woman with long healthy hair, studio white

If you are interested in getting hair extensions and you’ve been doing some online reading, chances are, you have already encountered a myth saying hair extensions are really bad for natural hair. Here’s our answer to that: Not all hair extensions are made equal. For instance, our La Crowne Fusions are safe and really gentle and it may even help you grow your hair!


You see, the main reason some extensions can be damaging to your hair is the way they are made, or perhaps the way they are not made.


What sets La Crowne Fusions from our competitors is the superior quality of our extensions. We only use the highest quality human cuticle hair, which is your assurance that there is no silicone treatment on the hair. All the cuticles run in the same direction. They are also made with a gentle keratin protein that is very similar to that of natural hair. Last but not the least, our fusions are strong enough that you won’t have to worry about slippage, but they are gentle enough that they can easily be removed without damaging your hair.


Having fusion hair extensions on can also help you grow your hair because it really makes you more conscious about caring for your hair. You become more careful with your hair. You use hair products with gentle and nourishing formulation because you want to take care of your hair extension. Of course, it’s not just your hair extensions that benefit from this but also your own hair.


Another thing that women who are growing their hair love about hair extensions is how they save them from that awkward phase. This is especially important if you’re growing out your hair from a pixie or a bob.


A lot of women end up just having their hair cut again when they feel like their hair looks weird as they’re growing. There are some who over-process their hair and end up with fried ends. It can get frustrating seeing those distressed ends all the time. Hair extensions can help ensure that damaged hair is hidden until you are able to achieve healthier hair again!


Our La Crowne Fusions can make sure that your hair looks amazing all the time and no one can even tell you’re wearing extensions! Why wait for months or years to have the long hair that you want, when you can enjoy having one right now? Contact La Crowne now and we can refer you to one of the best stylists who can install our amazing fusions for you!