Hair Extensions After Cancer

Smiling women wearing pink and ribbons for breast cancer on white background

La Crowne Hair Extensions understands how frustrating hair loss is after cancer treatment, especially for young women. Some patients say that after the most challenging battle they ever had, the last thing they want to deal with is hair loss. Unfortunately, majority of cancer patients do have to face it.

Our mission at La Crowne Hair Extensions is to ensure that every woman gets to enjoy long and voluminous hair. We want you to have your confidence back by giving you premium 100% human hair extensions. In general, hair extensions can be installed as soon as your hair grows to about four or five inches.

Hair Growth after Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have different effects on hair growth. For one, hair tends to recover faster after chemotherapy and new growth may even begin before the treatment ends. You could find yourself with a head full of hair in about six months or so.

Radiotherapy, on the other hand, can cause problems with the regrowth of hair. There are instances when the hair doesn’t even grow back at all. Others say  they had a patchy growth. It’s also possible for your hair to be a bit different from what you used to have. For example, you may find that your once straight hair has now become curly. These changes, however, are short-lived. It is important that you use a hydrating cream on your scalp and natural plant-based shampoo and conditioners while your hair is growing back.

La Crowne Hair Extensions as a Solution

Hair extensions can help you achieve healthy-looking hair that is long and lustrous in a fraction of the time that it would take you to grow your hair back naturally. If you decide that you want to try hair extensions, it is important that you choose one that uses 100% human hair that would look and feel the most natural. La Crowne has two great options for you – the Clip & Go and the Keratin Fusions. You can reach out to us or visit one of our authorized salons and consult with highly-trained hairstylists who can help you decide which is the better choice for you. You can choose our Keratin Fusions which is a long lasting solution or our Clip & Go which is suitable for you if you want to be able to remove the extensions before you go to bed. Either way, know that you’re getting the highest quality Indian Remy hair that you can find. Our hair extensions won’t interfere with the regrowth of your hair!