All La Crowne products are made with "Remy" hair.  Remy refers to the highest quality sourced human hair.  All the cuticles remain intact and run in the same direction resulting in silky, soft hair.  Only 20% of hair on the market is TRUE Remy.

Unfortunately, the hair extension industry is not regulated and many companies falsely claim their product to be "REMY". However, the reality is it’s extremely difficult to visually determine if the hair is truly Remy, putting the consumer at a disadvantage.  It is only after the hair is worn that it becomes apparent it is not Remy hair.  Poor quality hair will tangle easily, and will lose its shiny appearance after only a few wears.

The term Remy gets misused so often, it is important to do your research and purchase from trusted sources.  True Remy hair is expensive, as the collection process requires specialized skill and labour.  La Crowne ONLY uses premium quality Remy that is ethically collected and will last for years.

La Crowne guarantees that our hair extensions are made with 100% True Remy hair.  Many companies falsely claim their products to be Remy.  These companies strip the hair of its cuticles then seal each strand with a silicone coating. The hair appears to be silky human hair but in reality will only last as long as the silicone protection remains intact.  This is why most hair extensions on the market only last 2-6 months.  Washing, styling and even brushing contributes to the breakdown of the silicone coating and leads to the hair becoming dull, tangled and unwearable.