Healthy Hair Habits to Stick to This 2018

Young woman with long brown straight hairs on a dark background

How many times have you stared at a celebrity’s gorgeous hair on TV or in a magazine? All women dream of having healthy and gorgeous hair. But why should you just dream of it when you can obtain it? It’s all about being dedicated to healthier hair habits!

Before you start your journey to the most amazing hair you’ve ever had, you have to realize that it doesn’t happen overnight. It may take you weeks or even months to transform your hair. Be patient and don’t give up. You deserve hair that will make you feel comfortable and confident!

So are you ready to change your hair for the better? Here are five habits that you should stick to this year:

Say No to Sulphates

They may be really effective at cleaning the hair, but sulphates can be very damaging to your strands. Shampoos that contain sulphates dehydrate hair and remove colour build-up, so if you want to keep your new hair colour looking bright, make sure that you’re using hair products that do not contain sulphates. They also add frizz to your hair and you don’t want that, do you?

Shampoo Correctly

Shampoo routine varies depending on your hair type. If you have fine or oily hair you should wash your hair every other day so you can prevent oil build-up. But if your hair is thick, curly, or somewhat dry, you can go up to five days without shampoo.

Do Not Bleach

You want to avoid processing your hair too much if you want to keep your hair as healthy as you possibly can. If you want to dye your hair, follow the six week rule to prevent fading. Techniques like ombre and balayage need to be refreshed less frequently so they’re less damaging to your hair. Better yet, achieve balayage or ombre without any damage at all by getting yourself La Crowne Clip & Go hair extensions in a shade lighter than your hair!

Apply a Weekly Mask

Hair masks are really important if you want to get soft, smooth, and manageable hair. When you apply hair mask, you rehydrate and nourish your tired and over-processed hair. Revive your hair from all the styling you’ve put it through all week.

Take Vitamins for Your Hair

Just like you would take vitamins for your skin, you should also take vitamins for your hair. You should try hair enhancing vitamins such as Vitamin D or Biotin to keep your hair strong and healthy from the inside-out.

See, getting gorgeous and shiny hair is not really as hard as you think. Try these five tips and you’ll get hair that’s healthier and more beautiful in no time at all!