Heat-Free Hair Styles to Do with Your Clip & Go

Beautiful young woman with long curly red hair, indoor portrait with soft focus. Vintage faded toning,

You love your La Crowne Clip & Go. You love how it is made of 100% natural human hair, making it so durable that it can take all the styling that you do to your own hair without fearing too much for it. We can’t blame you. You do look gorgeous when you style your Clip & Go – your curls are perfect for any event and you look like a celebrity.


Unfortunately, you do not always have the time to meticulously do some heat styling. But you do not have to worry because unlike other extensions, your Clip & Go does not need to be heat-styled for it to look perfect on you.


Here are some ways you can achieve fabulous hair with your Clip & Go and without any tools:


Classic Crimped Style

You do not need to own a crimping iron to achieve this totally hot hair style because it is pretty easy to get one with it! If you are going somewhere special the next day, you can wash your own hair and your Clip & Go the night before. While still damp, braid both your La Crowne extensions and your hair. Remember, the smaller the braids, the more crimped your hair would end up. So if you’re really up for some serious crimps, divide hair into small sections before you start braiding.



Soft Beach Waves

Soft wavy hair seems to be the go to style of most celebrities and you will surely love it too. With your Clip & Go, you can get results that are Instagram-worthy! You’ll love it even more because it’s so easy to do, even without your double barrel curling iron.


Wash your hair and your Clip & Go and let it air dry. Using a wide-toothed comb, make sure that there are no tangles. You can apply a small amount of texturizing cream. Twist your hair and create a messy bun, securing it with a hair tie. Wait until hair is dry and carefully remove the hair tie. Shake your waves a bit and enjoy your surfer girl look!


Fishtail Braids

You probably used to envy those girls who can do classic side braids with their hair. You were never able to do one because your hair was always a little too short or thin for a proper braid to be done. Thanks to your La Crowne Clip & Go, you can do this style whenever you want! Just offset your Clip & Go a bit more to one side of your head and you can start braiding!


It is true that hot tools are considered essentials. But with your La Crowne Clip & Go, you’d find that you do not always have to subject your hair to damaging heat to get fabulous hairstyles!