How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Extensions

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One of the things that get in the way of hair extensions blending perfectly with the rest of their wearer’s hair is the wrong shade or colour of extensions – especially if you are not going for colouring styles like ombre or balayage.

So how do you choose the perfect colour or shade of La Crowne Extensions?

La Crowne hair extensions come in fourteen different shades that range from the richest jet black to the iciest platinum blonde. All La Crowne Fusions and La Crowne Clip & Go hair extensions are safely dyed using a multi-tone colouring system. You can also go for 2 tone or 3 tone colour options. Our amazing multi-tonal system results to hair extensions which have the perfectly subtle highlights and lowlights – the right amount of lighter strands and darker strands in every set.

What this does is give every set the perfect movement, depth, and dimension. It also means that even if your own hair colour is off by a shade or two, your hair extensions will still blend really well with your natural hair and no one can tell that you are wearing extensions!

If you need help in choosing the right shade of hair extensions, don’t worry about it. Our expert La Crowne colour technicians can actually customize the colour or colours that will blend with your hair seamlessly. You can even request for multi-coloured, ombre, or balayage styles!

All you need to do is contact La Crowne for a free consultation with one of our technicians. We can do a live video consult with you. You can also take a selfie in natural lighting and make sure that your hair can be seen clearly from top to bottom. And remember, no filters! Send the photo to us and our expert technicians will assist you and ensure that you get hair extensions in the perfect shade.

Of course, one of the best things you’ll love about La Crowne Fusions and La Crowne Clip & Go is that they’re made of 100% human hair. This means that you can talk to your stylist and have your hair and your hair extensions dyed in the salon!

See, with La Crowne Premium hair extensions getting the perfect shade that will match your own hair colour is not going to be a problem at all. Want to know what could be a problem? Keeping everyone from staring at your gorgeous long hair!