Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

Curly blond and brown hair close-up isolated on white

Hair extensions can turn short and thin hair into luxuriously beautiful tresses. Because of its innovation, celebrity-looking hair is no longer exclusive to the stars. In fact, you can see women everywhere looking confident with their long, flowing hair.


Hair extensions vary. There are those that require the application of a professional at a salon that would take hours to do. Others are more convenient, allowing you to install them on your own in a minute or two. Hair extensions also come in a variety of colours. The key decision that one should make when choosing hair extensions though, is whether to go for human hair or synthetic material.



Human hair to be used for hair extensions come from various countries, including China, Brazil, Peru, Russia, and India, among others. There is what we Remy – the highest quality of hair known also for its uniformity as all its strands face the same directions. Human hair can be called virgin if they have not been chemically processed before. Temples in India are among the best sources of human hair used for extensions, as countless devotees donate their tresses when doing religious rituals. It is also because of the meticulous process of gathering human hair that it is valued and priced higher.


Synthetic hair extensions came to be, first and foremost to fill the budget gap. These man-made hair extensions are produced and sold in almost all countries around the world.


Professional stylists as well as beauty experts prefer human hair extensions as they are, of course, more natural looking. They can be heat-styled, coloured, and cared for as you would do normally with your own hair. Because they are able to offer incomparable versatility and durability, they are obviously the more expensive option. With proper care, human hair extensions could last for years. Clip-ons like La Crowne Clip & Go, especially, would last you really long as unlike salon-installed extensions, you get to remove them before you sleep, keeping their condition better, longer.


Synthetic hair extensions are often the choice of those who just want to try this hair fad and are not planning to use them regularly. They are also preferred by women with limited budget as they are considerably cheaper. This advantage in price of course means you have to compromise aesthetics. Synthetic hair extensions look and feel fake. Unlike human hair, it is almost impossible to achieve seamless results. They cannot be heat-styled, dyed, or washed as they tend to become matted.



If you are torn between the two choices, it is best to consider your needs, as well as your lifestyle. Also take into consideration the styles, methods of application, length, and of course, your budget.

We can make choosing easier for you. La Crowne Clip & Go is 100% human hair and does not require expertise for you to wear it. It’s perfect for both everyday use and for special occasions! Call us to learn more!