Lost Your Hair to Your Kids? Here’s How to Get Amazing Hair After Pregnancy

Closeup unhappy frustrated young woman surprised she is losing hair, noticed split ends receding hairline. Gray background. Human face expression emotion. Beauty hairstyle concept

When you were pregnant, you were probably thrilled for having amazingly thick and long hair. You were probably thinking how your hair finally has some life! Unfortunately, the moment your little one pops out, you get the shock of your life when you find that your hair is just falling out.

Do not worry too much! You are not going bald, and this phase is just temporary. What happens is that during your pregnancy, you had an increased level of estrogen in your body that froze hair in the growing phase of its cycle. That also means that hair that would have fallen out naturally stayed put, thus the thicker hair. Then after you give birth, your estrogen levels start to decline again and all that hair that used to be resting begins to fall out. This often ends by six months. This type of hair loss is not an indication that you are vitamin deficient or in poor health – it’s simply hormonal.

Here’s What You Can Do:

Get a New Haircut

It’s always a good idea to visit a salon for professional advice. Your hairstylist will be able to incorporate your fine hairs into a style. For example, you can get face-framing bangs. Ask your stylist if layering your hair would suit you because this style can give the illusion of fullness.

Consider Colouring Your Hair

Your hair needs body. That can be easily achieved with the right hair colour. For instance, if you think you are dark-haired and you think your hairline is receding, the front of your hair can be highlighted so it would be somewhat camouflaged.

Use the Right Hair Products

From shampoo to mousse, you can always find hair products that are volumizing. They can also help give your hair some bounce which can make your hair look really good.

Use the Right Accessories

You can wear hair accessories including scarves and hats. But the best accessory you can have during this frustrating period is a La Crowne Clip & Go. With its unique design that contours to your head’s natural shape and it’s very light weight, you don’t have to worry about it tugging down your hair. Clip & Go can easily add more length and volume to your hair in seconds. What an excellent way to gain your confidence back!

Hair loss after giving birth is not something you should be worried about and it should definitely not keep you from going out and enjoying life.