Men and Hair Extensions

portrait of long hair handsome young adult asian man in evening sunlight on top of mountain, Doi Luang Tak, Thailand

When people talk about hair extensions, most immediately think of women. After all, hair extensions are more commonly used by women. But actually, hair extensions are now also becoming more popular among men. Not only do extensions give a boost of confidence, they can also instantly change a man’s look.

The Right Extensions Matter

Just like with women, it is very important that men find the right extensions – especially the right colour of the extensions. Also, you want to achieve a natural and seamless look (which of course you do) make sure that you get high quality premium Remy hair. La Crowne can provide you with 100% human Remy hair that will surely blend well with your own hair.


Before you purchase hair extensions, you should be aware that they will require your attention every once in a while. That means you will have to get a nice hair brush, and some hair products that you may have never bought before. Of course, La Crowne hair extensions are made from human hair so they are less prone to tangles and damages and they won’t require frequent maintenance but they will last longer if you wash them every once in a while and apply treatment.

You might be tempted to purchase cheaper extensions, especially if they’re claiming to be made of real human hair. But know that cheap hair extensions can’t be washed, brushed, blow-dried, or ironed.

Wearing Hair Extensions

If you want hair extension to conceal thinning hair and you’re looking for something “permanent’, then La Crowne Fusions are the perfect choice for you. Of course, your stylist will be able to assess if your hair is long enough so the hair extensions could be attached properly. If you’re not sure whether you’ll want longer hair permanently, then you might want to consider a La Crowne Clip & Go . We match your hair colour perfectly, so no one will notice your even wearing one.  What you’ll love about Clip & Go is how you can easily wear it when you need to and take it out when you don’t.

We understand that as a man, you may have a lot of questions regarding hair extensions and we’d be more than happy to answer them. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure you get the best hair extensions you can ever have!