Perfect Hair Extensions for Teens

Happy friends taking a selfie on a summers day

Teenage years can be tough and the pressure to always look your best is at its highest. And while we believe that every woman looks amazing in her own way, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help, especially if that help is safe and easy! What are we talking about? Hair extensions, of course! Everyone knows that a girl’s hair makes up a big part of how she looks. And if you can transform your hair in seconds, wouldn’t you do it?


La Crowne Clip & Go hair extensions are the perfect choice for teenagers who want to have the option of adding length and volume, whether it’s for an everyday look for school or for those special events in school. How can we say so? Well, read on and find out!


It’s super easy to attach. Teens love things that are instant, so you’ll love that Clip & Go is a single piece extension. No need for complicated instructions and confusing installation. Our easy clip system can be done in seconds!


It’s safe for your young hair! You don’t have to worry about the integrity of your hair because you don’t need glues or tapes that could damage it. Because you can easily remove it before you go to bed, it won’t pull on your hair while you sleep.


It’s very light and comfortable to wear. The way that Clip & Go is made ensures that it contours to your head perfectly and that the hair extension weight is evenly distributed. It is ultra-lightweight so even if your hair is thin and fine, there’s going to be no problem at all.


It’s made with only the highest quality REMY hair. We use 100% pure Indian hair for our hair extensions that are carefully collected (the strands never touch the floor!) Unlike synthetic ones, or even those that claim to be natural but mix hair strands and subject their products under chemical processes, you can be sure of the quality of your Clip & Go. In fact, it comes with a 2-year warranty!


It’s very easy to style. Due to the quality of our 100% human hair extensions, you can style it any way you want, just like you would with your hair. That means you can blow dry or use other hot tools, so you can always achieve the perfect hairstyle you want for any event that you’re attending.


With these qualities, it’s not hard to see why La Crowne Clip & Go is the best hair extensions for teenagers. So if you’re looking for your first hair extensions or for something better than what you have right now, look no further! Clip & Go can make sure that your hair looks perfect in person and in every photo in Instagram, Facebook, or in your yearbook!