La Crowne Clip & Go

The La Crowne Clip & Go is a one-piece clip-in hair extension made with the highest quality 100% pure Indian hair, designed to last for years.

The Clip & Go instantly ads volume and length to any hair type, just Clip it in & Go!  Whether you need to add additional volume due to thinning hair or you simply want to add volume and length to your existing hair, La Crowne Clip & Go is the perfect product.

The Clip & Go is comfortable to wear, ultra light-weight and the unique design contours to the head shape and can easily be concealed in the thinnest, finest hair.

Unlike other clip in extensions with multiple pieces, that can be complicated and confusing, the Clip & Go is designed with the easy clip system that is effortless to wear.  Most importantly it will not damage your natural hair.

La Crowne customizes each Clip & Go to custom fit an individual, including balyage styles.

The Clip & Go is versatile, no need to buy multiple hair extension pieces, transforms from long locks to a sleek ponytail in seconds.

How to Install the Clip & Go:

How to wear the Clip & Go in a Ponytail:

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La Crowne?
  • 100% pure Indian hair
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free customize specifications
  • No damaging glues or adhesives
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Ombre & Balyage styles
  • Easy to wear
  • Do it yourself in seconds
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Non shedding
  • Wear it in a ponytail or up-do
  • Undetectable


La Crowne Clip & GO hair extensions come in 8 variations...Get fuller hair in seconds!
  • 60
  • 80
  • 100
    Very Thin Hair/
    Add just colour or volume
  • 120
    Thin Hair
  • 140
    Medium Hair
  • 160
    Medium - Thick Hair
  • 180
    Thick Hair
  • 200
    Very Thick Hair


All La Crowne Clip & Go’s are made with a multi-tone colouring system which allows them to blend seamlessly. The 2 tone and 3 tone colour options give you just the right amount of highlights and lowlights for a natural multi-tone look.


How to care for your La Crowne Clip & Go

• La Crowne Clip & Go is made from 100% temple hair from India – the top quality hair on the market. With proper maintenance, your La Crowne Clip & Go will last for years.

• The La Crowne Clip & Go can be styled using hot tools (curling iron, blow dryer) just like your own hair.

• A high quality hair oil should be applied to your La Crowne Clip & Go on a regular basis to maintain a shiny appearance and to add moisture. Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions don’t collect the natural oils from your scalp – that’s why it’s essential to add oils.

• After removing your La Crowne Clip & Go, always ensure to close the pressure clips to prevent the hair from getting caught in the clips.

• Just like your own hair, it’s important to comb your La Crowne Clip & Go gently, with a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends, working your way up. This will remove any tangles and smooth out the hair while preventing the curls from being pulled out.

• It’s recommended you wash your La Crowne Clip & Go once every 10-30 wears, depending on the activities you do while you wear it and the amount of product that you put in it, such as gel or hairspray.

• We advise you use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

• Periodically, apply hair treatments such as keratin or protein treatments to help your extensions remain strong and healthy.