La Crowne Keratin Fusions

La Crowne keratin fusions are a natural looking, long lasting way to add volume and length to your hair.

La Crowne keratin fusions are made with the highest quality 100% pure Indian hair. Our pre-bonded strands are made with a gentle keratin protein formula similar to that of human hair.

La Crowne’s unique keratin formula has the ability to expand with the hair when you wash it, and contract when it dries. The fusions are strong enough to prevent slippage, but gentle enough that they can be removed without damaging the hair.

La Crowne Keratin fusions are full to the ends and each bundle has above average hair volume.

La Crowne?
  • 100% pure Indian hair
  • 25 strand bundles
  • Pure keratin tips
  • Long lasting
  • Formulated for easy removal fuller than average bundles
  • Fullness to the ends


1 gram per strand, 25 strands per bundle.
  • 25 GRAMS


La Crowne fusions are made with a multi-tone colouring system, which allows them to blend seamlessly even if your natural hair is a few shades off.


How to care for you Keratin Fusions:

• When combing the hair, use a wide tooth comb starting from the ends of the hair working upwards. Make sure you stop combing before you reach the bonds. (Do NOT comb the bonds)

• It’s important that you keep all hot tools away from the bonds because it can cause the bonds to melt together and or weaken.

• When washing your fusion extensions, it’s recommended that you gently wash them with the palms of your hands. Do not scrub – this could cause matting of the hair extensions. Standing upwards, tip your head back, letting the water trickle down your hair. Do NOT flip your head upside down or back and forth this will cause tension or tangling to the extensions.

• Use a sulphate free shampoo and light conditioner, pat dry, and massage a dime size of hair oil throughout the hair avoiding the bonds.