Sweet Hairstyles for a Romantic Look

Outdoor atmospheric fashion photo of young beautiful lady in autumn landscape

Most women want hairstyles that are easy to do, especially when they are always in a rush to go to work or class. But every once in a while an occasion arises when we have to exert extra effort with our hair – and when that happens, you want don’t want to be clueless.

Whether it’s a first date, an anniversary dinner, a school dance, or a wedding, you can’t go wrong with these romantic hairstyles.

Cross My Heart Braids

This is a cute yet effortless-looking hairstyle that will be perfect for a look that says you’re just naturally sweet. To create this hairstyle, you should create a 3-strand braid on each side. Pull the braids apart to loosen them a bit. Get a section of your hair and pull it underneath the braid. Wrap it around and pull it through. Do the same on the other side. When you tie the two sections below the braids, they will form a heart. If you wish, you can do a fishtail to take it one step further!
My Twisted Love Bun

If you’re not much into braids and you want something that doesn’t look too young but not too old either, this is the perfect style. Plus, you’ll love how simple it is to do! First, out your hair half up. Separate it into two small ponytails that are right next to each other.  Twist the ponytail in the left in a downward motion and place a Bobby pin into the base close to the ponytail holder to keep your hair anchored while you twist. Next, create the top of the heart by wrapping the ponytail up and over, twisting as you go along. Remember to twirl in the same direction. Secure the heart twirl with Bobby pins. Repeat the process with the other ponytail. Bring the end of each side of the heart together and you tie them together. You can add a ribbon, a flower, or a bow if you want something fancy.

Dainty Darling

This dainty hairstyle is the best if you want a delicate damsel look. To do it, get two one inch sections of your hair near your temples.  Bring them around the back of your head and tie them together using an elastic band. Next, get a new section on the right side of your head right underneath the first one. Wrap it underneath the hair elastic and loop it over the right side of the tied section of the hair. Pull the tail down and clip it temporarily with a hair sectioning clip. Do the same steps on the left side. Remove the hair clips and tie the two ends together, creating a heart! You can set this style using a medium-hold spray. You can also create waves or curls with the rest of your hair.

All these romantic hairstyles look best with long and thick hair, so don’t forget to clip in your La Crowne Clip & Go hair extensions!

Which of these hairstyles will you try? Let us know!