Tangled? Stop Damaging Your Hair!

Woman brushing her hair with a wooden comb

Are you constantly bothered by those tangles in your hair? Do you ever wonder why your hair tangles, and if there’s anything you can do to fix those tangles? Admit it – tangled hair can easily ruin your day. And sometimes in your frustration when we untangle our hair (especially in mornings when we need to rush) you just brush away, yanking out those tangles without thinking how damaging that can be to your strands.

Everyone knows that maintaining long and beautiful hair is not an easy task. The longer your hair grows, the more it requires good care. If you do not give it the proper care that it deserves, you’ll experience some hair problems, including knots and tangles!

Tangles are not only time consuming but also painful and damaging. We want to help you by sharing with you some great tips on how you can detangle your hair and avoid damage.

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning your hair will help restore moisture back into it, making it smoother. That means fewer tangles! It is highly recommended that you condition your hair after you wash it. To avoid greasy roots, just apply your conditioner on the ends of your hair.

Swap Your Brush for a Wide Tooth Comb

Many women prefer brushes because they’re more comfortable and they are much faster to use. However, if your hair is prone to tangling, you should opt for a wide tooth comb because it can remove tangles more efficiently while at the same time protecting your hair from damage. Just make sure that when you’re untangling your hair, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Use the Right Hair Products

Try to stay away from hair products that contain alcohol because it can dry out your hair and make it more prone to tangling.

Choose Hair Extensions Made with 100% Human Hair

If you’re using hair extensions, make sure that it’s made with 100% human hair. La Crowne Hair Extensions are made of the highest quality Indian hair that has been carefully collected to make sure that the cuticles are intact. Synthetic or ‘mixed’ hair extensions can easily tangle, so to make sure your hair and your extensions won’t get tangled, go for La Crowne!

Talk to us to find out more hair tips and how you can transform your look with La Crowne Keratin Fusions or Clip & Go!