Weatherproof Your Hair!

Weather-Proof Your Hair

Ask any woman what a bad hair day means for her and she’ll probably answer – brittle, dry, and frizzy! This hair problem is often caused by the weather. Does that mean you should just hide indoors when the weather is not working with you? Not at all!

There are ways for you to outwit the harsh weather elements, and by prepping your hair inside out with a weather-proofing routine, you can enjoy beautiful hair no matter the weather! Try these:

Use Natural Oils to Nourish Your Hair

Go for smoothing a shampoo and a conditioner enriched with argan or almond oils. You want to look for products that would deeply moisturize your hair and restore its radiance. You can also use masks that you can leave in to fight frizz.

 Give Your Hair a Cold Final Rinse

Yes, we know it’s the last thing you want to do. But hair experts say a final blast of cold water when rinsing your hair could be worth it as it’s effective in both maximizing shine and minimizing frizz.

Eat Healthier

Looking for another reason to add avocado to your diet? This may be it. Avocados are rich in biotin, which is also known as the hair growth vitamin. They also contain healthy fats, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. They have loads of B vitamins, too. Eating a diet rich in these beauty-boosting nutrients can help prevent breakage and promote silkier hair even when the weather is terrible.

Handle Your Wet Hair Carefully

It is surprising how many women do not know that wringing their hair with their towels to dry them is very damaging.  Instead of doing that, you should just squeeze gently to remove excess water. You might want to consider getting a microfiber cloth which is said to absorb water faster.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and fizz-free, a generous trim is an investment you should make. You should rid your hair of those frazzled and summer-damaged ends. Your hair will look better without them. If you’re not really the short hair type of gal, La Crowne fusions are a long-lasting hair extension solution for you so you’d get to enjoy long and lustrous hair without having to deal with the dried and split ends of your own hair. Not sure you’re ready to commit? La Crowne Clip & Go is the easiest and fastest way to achieve mermaid-worthy hair. You’ll love how easy it is to wear it and how it takes no trouble to remove it at night before you go to bed.

See, there are ways to keep your hair gorgeous no matter what the weather is like. Just a little TLC from you and the right hair products and you’ll never have to worry about bad hair day again!