Why Clip & Go Can Be Your Teenager’s Best Friend

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Similar to fashion, the hair industry is continuously coming up with trendy hairstyles for everyone. As our teenagers go back to school, more and more young women turn to hair extensions to stay on trend. There are a variety of hair extensions for teens to choose from, but lately they have been finding their best friend in our Clip & Go hair extensions.


Here are some reasons why it’s perfectly fine for your teenager to use La Crowne Clip & Go:


It’s easy to install and require no appointments with a stylist. Because La Crowne Clip & Go is very easy to use, your teenager does not need to visit a salon to have her hair extensions installed. In fact, she can do this on her own every morning in just a matter of seconds. That makes it perfect for when she is running late for school!


It’s not that difficult to care for it. Unlike other extensions, Clip & Go is super low-maintenance. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, the fact that La Crowne Clip & Go is made of 100 natural REMY hair makes it more durable. Your teenager would just need to treat it the way she treats her own hair.


La Crowne Clip & Go does not affect the health of your daughter’s hair. Clip & Go can be removed before bed time. This allows your teenager’s hair to breathe and can help avoid tugging of her own hair which is very common with other extensions.


Your teenager can style it anyway she wants. She can wear it up in a sleek ponytail or let it flow down her back. She can straighten it, curl it, or blow it dry, depending on her preference. She can even colour her Clip & Go any shade she wants! What risks she cannot take with her own hair, she can probably do with her own hair extensions.


Clip & Go solves a lot of teen hair problems. Is your daughter’s hair thin? Did she get an impulsive haircut and did not like the result? These problems can easily be answered by La Crowne Clip & Go. She can wear Clip & Go to add volume to her hair, or add length and conceal a bad haircut.


Best of all, Clip & Go gives your teenager that much needed confident boost. It is very easy to feel insecure about yourself when you are in high school. The way she sees herself contributes a lot to how she acts, too.


You are probably weighing things and wondering if you should allow your teen to wear Clip & Go. But just think of how it lets her see the best version of herself. That in itself is a good enough reason to allow your daughter to have her own Clip & Go.