Worst Hairstyles in History (That are Thankfully Over)

Worst Hairstyles in History (That are Thankfully Over)

The world of hair has a lot to be thankful for these past few years. We have seen some of the most gorgeous trends, colours, and cuts. Some of the best hair products and innovative accessories were also created. Also, people have been paying more attention to their hair health more than ever.

However, it has not always been hair bliss since the beginning. In fact, there were times in history when the most serious “hair crimes” were committed – whether it be the ridiculous hair trends or the out of this world “treatments”. What are we talking about? Let’s take a quick trip to memory lane and look back at some of the worst hairstyles in history.

Reign of the Reds

When Queen Elizabeth I was the reigning queen, red was the hair colour to have. Both men and women tried hard to dye their hair a fiery hue. Unfortunately, they used a dangerous combination of borax, saffron, saltpetre, and sulphur powder. While they achieved crimson hair, they also got terrible headaches and even nosebleeds.

Renaissance Forehead Trend

Esteemed ladies from the high levels of society during the Renaissance period tried to literally push back their hairline to achieve the illusion of a higher forehead. They did this by painfully tweezing the hair from their foreheads! The rest of their hair was pulled back tightly and topped with ridiculous headdresses. Now for a trend that’s supposed to feign a higher level of intelligence, don’t you agree it was a bit too silly?

Sky High Wigs

In the 18th century, if you wanted to show off your social standing and wealth, you had to go big or go home. Baroque fashion was all the hype and that meant wearing human, goat, or horse hair wigs that go as high and as big as the head can carry. Some wigs stood more than 23 inches tall and had iron or wooden frames for support. Like that wasn’t enough, women added trinkets and ornaments that ranged from gemstones to birdcages! Pastel colours were very trendy, too. This ostentatious hairstyle was so heavy that they often caused inflammation of the temples. Thankfully, they’re all over now.

Gibson Girl Bouffants

The late 19th and early 20th century had seen the popularity of the Gibson Girl bouffant which was popularized by a graphic artist and magazine illustrator. This messy but elegant “Anne of Green Gables” hairstyle required women to have the front of this hairstyle filled with additional hair. They usually sourced this additional hair from their hair brushes and they stored the in ceramic or glass containers. Now I’m not sure I’ll be up for this type of recycling.

Thankfully, these hairstyles are now just part of our distant history that we need only re-visit when needed (like during Halloween or an “Era” party).

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